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Rolling Stone. Chilling secret camera footage showed the twisted murderer wearing a fake police badge and gun holster.

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On Tuesday, Judge Nicholas Hilliard jailed Marshall for life with a minimum of 39 years for the murder. He told Hilliard: Fasoli pain without his consent, which would be a significantly greater source of pleasure or gratification to you than is ordinarily the case for those who enjoy inflicting violence.

Fasoli were robbery and sadism. Brown said: A court heard Fasoli was stripped, tied up, gagged and smothered with plastic wrap after Marshall, 28, tricked his way into his home in January Harrowing footage shown to a jury shows Fasoli begging for his life and saying he could not breathe as he was attacked by Marshall.

Second Black Man Turns Up Dead at Donor Ed Buck's Home

The killer is seen wearing police accessories he bought online including a police utility belt, handcuffs, and a pistol holster. Towards the end of his ordeal, Fasoli can be heard crying out in distress after his head was covered and he was dragged from the bed out of view of the camera. A pathologist said Fasoli was unconscious but still alive when the fire started. But investigators thought the blaze was sparked by a faulty light bulb.

While on the run in Italy he strangled stranger Vincenzo Iale, 67, to death with an electrical cable and stole his bank card and car. A week later he posed as a British embassy official when he met Umberto Gismondi, 54, armed with a holster, utility belt, pistol, pepper spray, and a police baton. He bound and gagged Gismondi and demanded cash but fled after the victim managed to alert his neighbors.

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Marshall, of East London, had told the court he enjoyed dressing up as officials and was arrested many times for impersonating police officers. The answer is no. Either [Cunanan] knew of the guy or knew his son. The idea that he just picked him up off the street and stalked him and tortured him and then killed him is bizarre—not the most likely scenario. As recently as last year, however, Duke Miglin maintained that there was no connection between his father and Cunanan before the murder.

Even reporters at the time were left stymied, like John Carpenter, the lead reporter on the story at the Chicago Sun-Times. I would never, ever add anything to a dynamic of people who are suffering through a tragedy. In the aftermath of the murder, Marilyn, worked through her grief by throwing herself back into work—appearing on the Home Shopping Network just three weeks after the funeral.

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