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Cole 0 1 0 Carter didn't believe in true mates There was one big problem And Brand was Aaron's doctor. Carter wasn't going to let the pull he felt toward Brand ruin what he had with Aaron, though, and Brand kept silent, so he let it fade. Six years later, a car crash changed Carter's lifeIt tore Aaron from him and broke his little boy in ways they are still trying to heal two years later. Carter's had two years of grieving, and he's ready to see if Brand and fate will give him another chance.

Brand absolutely believes in true mates Brand's never experienced that lightning from the sky moment, the fireworks, the scent--but he wants it.

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He wants it all. And he's not going to take anything less than everything, no matter how attractive Carter is. If Carter can't win Brand over the easy way, he's determined to do it the old fashioned way: But unknown to them, Brand has come to the attention of a group that poses a danger to all shifters everywhere, and their problems are just beginning. Cole 1 3 0 After Dr. Brand Delaney's capture and rescue, the White Falls pack is desperate to know more about the secretive group Gecko Labs.

But Gecko has beefed up security since their last break in, and getting in with brute force is impossible. After discovering the lab experimenting on shifters, Alpha Alice Williams needs someone she can trust to go undercover at Gecko Labs. Eric Lundgren is an alpha, a loner and a geneticist, which makes him the perfect wolf for the job, though he feels completely out of his depth, even more so when he finds his mate among the prisoners.

The lights are on all the time; the meals come at irregular hours.

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The only way the prisoners know what day it is by Victor's calculations. When Victor finds his mate, he feels beyond betrayed that the man is working with his captors.

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But Eric quickly finds a way to tell Victor he is there to help, and for the first time, Victor feels a sense of hope. Before Victor, spying on Gecko Labs was an academic challenge, but now his mission is all too personal. The longer Eric stays, the harder it is to hide who he is and his connection to the captive omega, but if he is to save him, he must. Cole 0 2 0 Gage has been keeping a secret for years Gage wants to accept Alice Williams' invitation to join the White Falls pack and leave the Cherry Creek pack behind him like a bad memory.

That desire only intensifies when he finds his mate, Luke, who belongs to that pack. But ever since their parents died, or killed, as Gage suspects, his first concern has been to protect her younger brother, Sean, who has a gift Gage suspects Cherry Creek alpha desperately wants to control, and Gage doesn't know if he can trust the White Falls alpha to be any different.

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